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Throwback Photo Of Shatawale That Reveal The Hard Truth About Success

Success always has a story. There are damning events that usually precede success. Most of the time we forget to acknowledge that it didn't take just a for the successful people we see each day to attain their current levels of success. 

A throwback photo of Shatawale when he was struggling to make it versus when he has made it popped up on social media. In the before photo, Shatawale is seen to be sitting behind a desk with an old desktop on it with no shirt on. The room looks a bit disorganized indicating that those were the times he was struggling to make a mark in the music industry. In the 'now photo', Shatawale is well dressed in a suit and is sitting behind a well-organized desk with an apple desktop on it. The room is well decorated. 

The lesson in this photo is that there is no shortcut to success. In order to make a mark in your industry as a Ghanaian youth, you must keep on grinding and grinding and one-day doors of success will open for you. 

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Ghanaian Shatawale


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