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Meet Marie Noëlle Kouassi, the most curvaceous salesperson in Ivory Coast (Photos).

As a manager, you would want someone who can connect with clients, attract new customers, and sell the company's goods effectively. Someone with the intelligence and elegance to help your company succeed, I believe, would be your best bet, and so in this article, I introduce you to Marie Noëlle Kouassi, Ivory Coast's most curvaceous salesperson.

Gnamien Marie Nolle Kouassi was born in Ivory Coast and has a stunning physique. She completed her primary education in Bouaké before enrolling at Alassane Ouattara University to pursue a degree in physiology.

Unlike other curvy women her age, she chose to work as a salesgirl rather than as a model. Marie is a practising Catholic Christian.

As a salesperson with such an amazing body and beauty, she has attracted the attention of both men and women. She has received a lot of gifts from people who enjoy the sensation offered by her body.

On her Instagram handle @gnamienmarienoel, she has 10k followers who enjoy the beauty of her loving pictures. Marie Noëlle Kouassi is in a relationship and hoping to get married soon.

Check below for a couple of her stunning photos.

With Marie's body and beauty, I doubt any door would resist her knocking. She is perfectly endowed and any company's best ticket to have a flood of customers queuing just to see her and buy from her end.

Please leave your comments below, would you hire Marie should you be a manager when she files for employment?

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