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All Ghanaians are Magicians for Surviving after Paying Rent, Clothes, fees, offering- Johnnie Hughes

If you have spent some time in Ghana, you definitely know the hardship in the country. If you work for a monthly salary and the amount is infinitesimal, then you know the pressure is heavy because you would have numerous bills to pay and your friends who are not working will always rush to you for help.

However, if you are not working, then you have giant trouble deciphering. I mean, how do you survive? In this world, everything has been liquefied- meaning everything has become monetary based. So, if you lack the opportunity to make money, how would you survive? Whatever you do to survive makes us magicians as explained by Johnnie Hughes.

Johnnie was talking about rent in Ghana. He was disappointed how ordinary Ghanaians have to pay 2 years rent, something which is illegal in the country. According to Johnnie Hughes, if one runs the math on his yearly income and deduct his rent from it, the rent either absorbs 50% or 60%. Additionally, that same person has to pay for clothes, school fees, offering, funeral dues, family issues, transport, miscellaneous and health. Therefore, all Ghanaians are magicians for surviving.

If you take all these into consideration, you will understand why people are always frustrated. The government needs to be up and doing to make the standard of living in Ghana better. Johnnie Hughes also expressed his displeasure in how “Kayayie” ladies are treated in the country. They sleep on the street and sometimes get raped by men on the street. They would have to take care of the children themselves and that is more frustrating.

The former Gender, Women and Children minister promised to build them a house, the vice President- Muhammadu Bawumia also promised to do the same but they all failed the “Kayayi” ladies and that also makes living quite troubling.  

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