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The Hard Labor Is Too Much. Please Helps Us.

In developing countries around the world, the income gap between rich and poor appears to be expanding year after year. As a result, armed robbery, prostitution, and ritual murder are on the rise. Many rural youths must get up early in the morning to travel to new locations in search of day jobs. They just get a token for their hard work at the end of the day.

The situation has worsened as a result of university graduates becoming jobless after graduation. Agriculture could be the only way for African countries to hire more than 40% of their total youth population.

Employers have been known to label people for as little as GHC 10 a day. Given the high cost of living these days, a monthly salary of Ghc 300 is insufficient to live a happy life.

Acquiring skills is critical, particularly in this part of the world. While it is the only way out of poverty, many people choose to work in a white collar job.

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African Hard Labor Is Too Much


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