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Part 1: Five Egos You Must Know In Order To Be Among The Richest Person In Your Community

A lot of people struggle and think financially that they can not become rich due to their poor family monetary background.

I don't have enough money, capital, right ideas, connections and not in the right industry are some of the things that holds people down.

What actually holds people down is their egos. They can be classified into groups and these are as follows; 

1. The blame ego. This is where blames are embedded on other people like the government, supervisors, families and others members. Pointing fingers on them and forgetting the four figures are pointing towards you.

2. The know it all ego. When one thinks he knows everything but he or she may not know. Your opinions are not useful to them.

3. The fearful ego. The fear of success, fear to make mistakes and failure to do something because they feel they are not good to, dont have the right ideas and so on. It prevents them from being successful. 

4. The comfort zone ego. Am happy, fine and okay are some comments that makes them relax with the little they have.

5. The judgemental ego. Is the negative minds on rich people that they are not beautiful, they are not hardworking are some judgemental words used.

Thank you for clicking on this article, these are the first five, the rest continues later.

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