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The Lady I Met At The Club Was The CEO Of The Company I Applied For But She Didn't Employ Me- Man

 Never look down on anyone because of your status today, life is not fair as nobody knows tomorrow. Change will always be constant yours might be a Negative or positive change. Be humble and help if you're in the position to.

Everyone has a problem no matter the level of wealth or position, no matter the level physical or spiritual there is always a gap or something lacking.

Anything could go wrong at anytime so be calm.

Tochi has revealed that he met a lady at the club but the next day, he went to a company to apply for a job and found out that the lady he met at the club was the CEO of the company. According to Tochi, despite her nice attitude to him at the club, he was not allowed to visit her the lady eventually refused to employ him.

Kindness provides many benefits to a human being.

If you are being kind to someone, you are most likely causing them to smile and if you see that smile for yourself, it might be catchy.

Whatever we do today affects whatever else we will ever do. It helps to focus on maximizing the moment, with the consciousness of how much today matters.

Tochi was not given the job by the woman who is Chief Executive Officer because she might have been embarrassed about meeting in the club and not in the business setting.

What goes around comes around” or “as you sow, so shall you reap”

if someone treats other people badly he or she will eventually be treated badly by someone else You should not mistreat them.

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