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The Modes By Which Employees Of GES May Leave The Service.

The education sector is one of the key sectors in the country. Quite a larger percentage of public servants belong to the GES. Both teachers in the classrooms and those in administration. In order words, we have the teaching and non teaching staff within the Ghana Education Service. Just as other sectors, many people decide to quit their jobs upon finding better options to engage in. However, as a teacher in the Ghana Education Service, the following are the modes by which one may the service.

1. On dismissal, termination of appointment or removal from the service.

An employee's appointment into the Ghana Education Service may be terminated on grounds of misconduct or violation of code of ethics. There exist lay down procedures and guidelines within the Ghana Education Service. Some of course bother on attitude towards work, channel of communication, student teacher relationship among others. What is more important is for staff of the service to abreast themselves with them and abide by them.

2. Compulsory retirement at the prescribed age.

The retirement age for staff of the Ghana Education Service is 60 years. It is nothing new to employees in the service. It does not matter at what age you entered the service. Once you attain the age of 60, you are due to retire from the service compulsorily.

3. Retirement for medical reasons.

If an employee of the GES becomes unfit to work, he or she may decide to retire on the bases of that. However, there need to be satisfactory medical report supporting the conditions of the staff. This may also go through some processes and administrative procedures.

4. Resignation.

Another way a staff of the Ghana Education Service may leave is by resignation. If for any reason you can no longer work with the GES, you are at liberty to resign. However, before a staff resign, you need to serve your bonded terms or satisfy the conditions attached to the bond.

5. Expiry or termination of limited engagements.

Limited engagements are usually offered to senior staff who are on retirement. Sometimes, a two year engagement may be given to staff to remain at post due to their expertise or other reasons. After the expiration of this period, one may leave the service.

6. By death.

This the most unfortunate thing that may happen to anyone. But death is inevitable. Once you die, you are gone forever. You have nothing more to offer. That eventually ends it all.

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