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Elizato-Ladies the only person who can help you without asking you for anything is employment

Elizato is one of Ghana's greatest philosophers and people know him because of wise sayings and funny quotes. He is also a radio presenter at Abusua Fm and he has advised ladies in one of his videos that ladies can be free if they get better to do or to get employed. He said, "Ladies the only person who can help you without asking you for anything in return is employment".He said a lot of ladies have been complaining that men nowadays don't help women for free they always want to get something in return.

So many people have commented and shared their views on this issue and they have agreed with him because if you get or find a job too you will be able to cater for your basic needs. life will become easy for any hardworking lady but for girls who are lazy and don't want to work, it will be very difficult to get help for free from any man. Employment can help you to solve all of your problems and you won't have to rely on any person before you can get money to cater to your basic needs. Hardworking pays a lot and if you only you are serious in your life.

Nowadays ladies want to take the shortcut to make a lot of money and this will always let the guys ask something from you before they will help you. Even though finding a job is difficult right now you can do your own business and be free from been used roughly by men. Every guy is working hard to get his own money so they don't want to give out their money for free because of the stress they go through. I support Elizato because if you are working you will be able to take care of yourself and you don't need to sell your body for money or depend on anybody for help God will bless your hustle so keep trying as a lady and work hard.

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Elizato Elizato-Ladies


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