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The Mistakes of Unemployed Graduates of the 21st Century.

You may probably have sent hundreds of applications with zero response rate. Please keep in mind that, your CV should communicate your worth as a potential employee loudly and unambiguously. And the value must be conveyed in a matter of seconds because in the corporate world, a CV will receive no more than that. Yes, the CV (and cover letter) only gets you a few steps closer to that new job, but it gets you in the door, and it has to stand on its own because you won't be there to answer questions.

You should aim to keep the CV short and succinct. 

-Use action verbs to list your accomplishments. 

-It is important to use brief bullet points to list your skills and experiences. 

-The CV should list all of your relevant skills and achievements with concrete brief examples. 


1. Remove ID Numbers

2, Remove Health Status

3. Remove Hobbies, replace them with skills and competencies. For example - Travelling, Competency - Planning and Coordinator

4. Remove Criminal Record (A company can do background checks)

5. Remove Marital Status

6. Remove Number of Dependants

7. Remove the bold ''Curriculum Vitae'' at the top.

8. Justify and align your page

9. Normally, use font Arial Size 11 (but you can customize)


A resume is used to apply for entry-level jobs, graduate jobs in most cases and it is one page nothing more. Employers are not looking to comb through piles and piles of pages, if so they move right along. 

A CV on the other hand can be more than 2 pages normally used to apply for higher or top senior positions, and it has more than one page due to the nature of these positions 

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