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What Makes Successful People Unique-Check it Out

Everyone wants to be successful in life, have their dreams come true and live a life of fulfillment.

But have you thought of that One thing if you do will make all these possible?

what could this one thing be?

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In today's article, I wil be sharing with you the one thing that makes every successful person stand out in life. 

That one thing is Time.

Not just that, but the Discipline towards Time and how they maximize their time in other to fully live their dreams.

In our world today, Time is the one thing we all have, the one thing we live on in our daily lives and the one thing we all share. As said, time have no respect for anyone irrespective of who you are or what you do, whether you're busy or asleep, Time is always at work and lost time is gone Forever. 

Yes we can't retrieve lost time but one thing we can all do is to manage the time we have NOW wisely. So, the question is, how can we then manage our Time like these successful people do. 

Time is an asset given to us by God. The only bank that credit us with 86,400 seconds every Morning but rules off as lost every Night. As expected of us, we must invest these seconds for a profitable gains in the future. 

We may not be top executives of any institution, but we are still the managers of our own time thus we need to change our attitude towards Time and put our principles into practice.

Let me now delve into the principles adopted by successful people in managing their Time; 

The first and foremost principal is Planning. Life is about planning without it Life will be in chaos, as the saying goes ' failing to plan is planning to fail'. Therefore planning is vital when you want to manage your time wisely. You need to make time to plan your activities to succeed. Sit down and make a list of what you want to accomplish each day, each week, each month and each year. As time is tick by "'tick tock', tick tock'", is up to you to know how to use it by having a proper plan, without that you will certainly drift away from your task and unable to complete them.

Remember, a few minutes of careful planning will save you alot of time spend pondering over what to do.

The next principle is Doing one thing at a time. Doing too many things at a time will lead to errors and repetition of work, yes you gain nothing by getting yourself entangled in numerous activities, you only stress yourself. 

I know we sometimes make the mistake of starting one task and leaving it undone to begin another, but why don't we practice the habit of finishing a task before another as that will save us time. There is Wisdom in handling task one at a time, which emphasize the saying, ' A man with one clock always knows the time compared to a man with several clock who is never sure'. 

Despite the many and important things you may need to tackle, realise that as human as you are, you can only do one at a time and this will allows you to avoid repetition at all cost.

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Another principle successful people work with is the Power of Concentration. Every successful person values the power of concentration in managing their Time. Planning without the self-discipline to concentrate on a given task is futile. Put all your energy and focus into the task at hand, strive to focus until the work is done.

Concentration involves saying 'NO' to interruptions and unplanned events, ignore all distractions as you stay focused on the job. Finish the task you've selected before moving on to the second one. Oh! how I love the good feeling that comes with the success of a completed task, especially in doing the little things.

Have you ever had the experience of feeling super excited, concentrating on a fulfilled task? How was the feeling like?

My friend don't deny yourself this feeling or you will be missing out, try concentrating on one thing at a time by fulfilling it and imagine that look of happiness saying 'Yes I Did it'.

Procrastination they say is the thief of time, so inorder to be successful in life you must Avoid Procrastination at all cost. Sometimes we one way or the other have the tendency to want to put things off until tomorrow that which we are in fact able to do today. What we have to know is that Tomorrow is promised to no one and for that reason, it is always wise to do what we are able to do Now.

Therefore in managing your time wisely, cultivate the habit of completing a task rather than postponing it. Strive to complete task that are within your power to finish, don't think of tomorrow because you do not know what challenges tomorrow may bring.

Again, to manage your time well learn to Allocate Time for your daily activities. There are numerous daily, weekly and monthly task that we undertake and for such activities to be successful, it is prudent to schedule time for doing them. When you do that it makes it easy for you to run tasks smoothly.

The final principle and most valued by successful people is to Set Deadlines for all your activities, It is a profitable way to manage your time wisely. Deadlines are what motivate us to finish the task at hand, it gives us a time-frame to work from so we get things done as efficiently as possible.

Deadlines provide individuals with a fresh start to the day or week and adopting deadline will ensure that big project comes to fruition. Don't leave work open-ended, rather set out a clear deadline for having a project completed.

Appreciate the value of time and recognise it as a gift from God that should not be spent carelessly, for Time is not just Money but Life. Remember Time lost cannot be regain.

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Thanks for passing by, until next time.... Enjoy a Healthy Living.

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