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Female Banker Suspended For Sleeping With Over 200 Men Seeking For Jobs

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Wonders they say shall never end and indeed it's very true as a whole lot of complicated stories pops up each and everyday. Well, all these while I taught it's only girls who suffer from the hands of managers and other high authorities in charge of various offices in companies as they say, "use what you have to get what you want".

I never knew it cut-across, no wonder they say, "what men can do, women can do it better". In view of this, I will like to share with you about a particular woman who has been suspended from her office by the bank she worked with for sleeping with over 200 men seeking for jobs.

A female banker whose name has been identified as Mutale Winfridah, 39 years of age, has been suspended by a bank she works for in Zambia which is considered as one of Zambia's leading and innovative banks since 1969. The bank is called Zambia National Commercial Bank known as ZANACO, the 39 years old woman has been accused by 10 men for sleeping with them with the hopes that she would secure jobs for them.

According to reports, this woman is a single lady, to her she want to attain a higher height in education before thinking of settling down or finding a life partner. Because of that, she don't joke with men desperately seeking for jobs as she sees such as an opportunity to satisfy herself as a senior branch executive of ZANACO.

She is said to have used her position to also approve loans for all the men she gets intimates with so they don’t tell on her. But unfortunately for her, her cup has full up as the officials has finally get to know what has been going on for a very long time.

Investigations indicated that, the woman has slept with over 200 desperate men seeking for jobs after 10 of them formally Lodge a complain about her. Now she has been suspended from her duties until further notice, stay tuned for more updates.




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