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Top Five(5) most Dangerous Jobs in Ghana. Find out if your job made the list.

There are several jobs in Ghana which gives fine incomes to workers. However, there are some jobs which are very dangerous and takes experts only to endure in that field.

Let us take a look at top five jobs in Ghana that are very dangerous to do. If you are not an expert, do not try to venture into it.

#5. Fishing

It takes only experts in fishing and swimming to venture into this business. It is very dangerous and little mistake can cause the life of a person. Because of how dangerous it is, it takes beach experts to guard these fishermen in the job. It is also not a work for women. Only few women venture into such a business due to its nature.

#4. Driving

Its takes only license drivers to drive vehicles on our roads. Persons without a driving licence cannot drive. Even with experts who have license to drive often get road accidents. This job is very dangerous and it needs more care when doing this work.

#3. Police and other security agencies

The security agencies in the country have one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. They protect citizens from criminal activities. It usually take years of training and constant training to engage in this job. It deals with gun works and sometimes gun exchange with armed robbers. It is very risky which also needs a lot of care.

#2. Electrical Technicians

It takes a lot of training to indulge in this job also. This work deals a lot with electricity. A little mistake can cause electrocution which may lead to death. This job also needs a lot of care.

#1. Mining

Well, this job in Ghana is usually done by persons who have no experts in this job. It is very dangerous and leads to lost of life when a single mistake is done in the mining process. Sometimes, there is a break of pilled sands and rocks on the miners. It is very dangerous and it also needs a lot of care.

Thanks for reading. All the jobs above needs more training, care and above all prayer in order to be successful.

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