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Find out how to prepare a good CV in Ghana

There are quite few job vacancies in the country which most persons want to apply for. However, in order to get employed by any company in Ghana, one needs to prepare a Curriculum Vitae(CV). 

It is quite surprising that, most university graduates do not know how to prepare one. This is because it is not likely for one to be taught how to prepare a CV at the tertiary level.

In today's article, let us look at how to prepare a good CV that can fetch you a cool job.

Curriculum Vitae is an outline of a person's educational and professional history, usually prepared for job applications. Another name for CV is a Resume. 

Below are some key points to note.

#1. A good heading with your personal details

Every good CV must have your personal details such as name, date of birth, residential address, email address and personal contact.

#2. Personal Skills and Attributes

There should not be just one CV for all jobs you apply for. One need to prepare different CVs for different jobs. Here one need to dot down his or her interpersonal skills, communication skills, Critical Thinking and other qualities such as computer literacy skills that may enable you to be successful in the workplace. 

#3. Work Experience

This is one key point to put on your CV. Most businesses in Ghana employ persons who have past experiences in the same job. This is purely an advantage. 

In writing this part on the CV, it must be bulleted and not numbered.

#4. Education Background

Every job in Ghana needs a literate. One needs to write down the schools he or she has attended since childhood. It is advisable to put the most current educational level first. Example, BSc. Accounting( University Of Ghana) before you add the senior high school you attended.

#5. Interest and Hobbies

This is the part most persons get it wrong. Avoid stating many passive, solitary hobbies. Example, reading, watching TV. Put it in a short sentence such as ' I enjoy watching television, I enjoy reading books'.

#6. References

This is the part that proves that, everything you have said or stated on the CV is true. Here, one needs to add contacts and addresses of institutions, formal jobs, etc of senior officers in those institutions.

Below are some formats of a good CV

A CV should be something that portrays your true identity. Any false information may not get you a job.

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