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Possible Reasons You're Still suffering To Succeed In Life.

The world now, is a great competition to everyone. People especially, the youths dream of becoming extremely successful as their mentors but to no avail. Why is that so? Are they not toiling from dawn to dusk as others do? Are they not burning the night candles as we will rightly put it?

The problem is not coming from anywhere but the following:

The system is not inducing success at all. There are many people who have various potentials in Ghana. But no one is ready to help them climb higher on the success ladder. Everything is now about going to school, acquiring the certificates and joining the unemployment train afterwards!

Imagine someone trying to take a loan to start a small scale business! These loan people will milk you dry in such a way that you will even regret going for such unfavourable loans with equally unfavourable interest rates. There are no jobs to do due to over population. But the youths can become self employed if there are favourable loans to help them.

Another great problem is coming from the individual himself or herself. People are not down to earth at all. Some people have studied in the tertiary institutions and came out with only joblessness. What makes you think your situation will be different? There's a great difference between realism and profound imagination.

The only way your situation can be different is when you use your brain in establishing a business after school. Thinking you will get employed after school is just one of the empty dreams you can ever entertain; at least, that's the current situation in Ghana.

There's another big reason why you're not succeeding as a youth. You're following the crowd! As a struggling individual, you need to work at your own pace. People are buying expensive phones and you want to follow them blindly? Those people are far ahead of you in life. Spending GHS6,000 on smartphone while you're in a rented house is one of the biggest foolishness one can imagine!

Live a moderate lifestyle and invest in your future. Your time will come to also purchase the most expensive things you so desire in life. But people will justify their extravagant lifestyles; that's their priority. You should only think of PRIORITY when you are well off.

Being successful in life is not magical. You will have to work for it. Of course, there are people who can push you forward. But until you meet those God sent people, seek your own future alone! Pray to God for success and work towards it. Tapping into other people's blessings while you're refusing to change your own situation is folly.

You can read about successful people and get motivated by their stories. Anything apart from that is not going to induce any success in your life. You also need to develop the habit of saving. Don't drain your bank account before the next month ends. Don't live from paycheck to paycheck. Don't live far ahead of your paycheck either.

Some habitual borrowers are always ahead of six paychecks. Poverty! Yeah, extreme poverty awaits anyone who is either living from hand to mouth and even borrowing massively to furnish their rented rooms

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