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3 Common Reasons Why So Many People Are Unsuccessful Or Poor In Life.

A lot of people wish to be successful in life but end up on the streets. These people are mostly, very educated. "Education is the key to success." This is the popular song people sing from time to time. Is it really true that education brings success to the individual?

It all depends on the type of education received and the opportunities available afterwards. In the world as a whole, there is so much competition that you will have to embrace just any available space in order to survive.

There are many reasons why people become unsuccessful in life. Below are some of the popular reasons.

1. Unwillingness to embrace opportunities. People think that since they've acquired formal education, they're supposed to be automatically employed in a structured environment. It doesn't work like that anymore. Some sit at home, keep praying for nonexistent jobs, writing one application or the other and eventually give up trying altogether. That time could be channelled into anything productive like selling in the market etc..

2. People are very poor because they refuse to accept realities. The reality on the ground is that there are no jobs. The few available jobs are hijacked by some privileged people and their goons. If you keep on hoping that your case will be different, you will remain poor always.

3. People are poor because their kind of education isn't giving room to self development. In our part of the world, learning about some dysfunctional theories is more important than acquiring practical knowledge.

People can only memorize theories and nothing else. That's why after many years of schooling, people cannot manufacture the list commodity. They can at least speak good English language; English which cannot buy anything in the market.

As a young person, think... think about the future. Think about how to build a future in the face of mass unemployment. Be innovative; you have acquired knowledge in school. Think of how to transform such theoretical knowledge in practical fields.

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