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Work Ethics:Effective or Efficient?The Difference you should know

Are you effective or efficient?These two words are frequently used interchangeably without a deep comprehension of its connotation.

Simply,to be effective means to make an impact and to be efficient means to make an impact with minimal losses.One can be effective without being efficient but one can never be efficient without being effective.

What does it mean?let me cite a scenario.Kofi is given GHC500 as total estimate to build a table,indeed,kofi achieves his objective by building the table completely,expending the entire GHC500.Consequently,Kofi achieved his objective and is therefore effective.

Now,Kwabena is given the same GHC 500 as total estimate to build a similar table as Kofi.

Kwabena achieves his objective by building a similar table and thus,is effective.However,Kwabena expended only GHC 300 out of the GHC 500 given him in building the table.As a result,Kwabena is said to efficient because:

1) He completed his objective(Effective)

2)He completed his objective with minimal waste(Efficient)

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GHC500.Consequently Kofi Kwabena


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