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Businesses You Can Start With No Money

Starting a business is a very difficult thing to do. Most people end up losing their entire Capital for the business because the business collapses. 

Due to this fear, most people are scared away from building a business and always live on salaries. What if I told you that there are businesses you can start without investing any Money upfront. 

Yes, you heard it right, these are businesses you can start right after reading this post without having to invest a huge sum of money into it. The list of these businesses are as follows; 

1.Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is Simply a person that offers administrative services to companies and individuals. 

They usually offer services such as blog writing, content management, social media services, graphic designing and many others. Virtual assistants work from home so there is no need for you to set up an office. 

With this business, you can get other people to join you and from there, grow it into a profitable virtual assistants business. 


As most bloggers will tell you, blogging is a business.

 Blogging is one of the businesses that requires you to start with little or no money but you can end up making thousands of dollars in a month. With blogging, you can start with free websites such as Wix, blogger or even WordPress free version. 

However, If you want to own your domain name and hosting service, you can buy this for as little as 30$ per year with Namecheap. With blogging, you'll need to invest time into writing good content and then make money later. You can make money from ads, affiliate products or your own products. 


Freelancing is also a very easy-to-start business where you won't need any money for investment. 

With freelancing, you'll need to create a profile on freelancing websites such as Fiverr or Upwork and then wait for orders. Also, you can set up a LinkedIn profile and request for jobs on LinkedIn.

 With freelancing, you can make money from any skill you've provided you're an expert in. 


YouTube is also a very good business to start which is very similar to blogging. 

With blogging, you're required to write articles for your blog Readers, but with YouTube, you make high quality videos for your subscribers. 

YouTube can make you more money than you think if Yiu make use of things like selling courses, selling books, selling affiliate products and many others. 

Creating online courses 

Do you've knowledge about a particular topic or skill and you want to share? 

You can turn this into a profitable business. All you'll need is to make a video, explaining whatever it's into details with walkthroughs.

 This is going to be very helpful for students in return, they're going to pay you huge sums of money.

 If you can't show your face on camera, you can make it like a documentary type or even write a book about it. You can then advertise this course on social media websites, forums, blogs etc. 

Event planning

You can also start an event planning business online or physically with no money. 

All you'll need is a little experience in events planning. Then you're going to make event planner cards and advertise it to potential customers.

 They're then going to hire you for helping them plan their even whether it's birthday party, naming ceremony, wedding etc. You can also recruit people with similar skillset to assist you and then eventually turn This into a profitable business. 

Errand service

Errand services are also very good businesses to start with no huge investment at begin with. 

All you'll need is legs to walk or a bicycle. With this, you're going to be running errands for companies, individuals, homes, schools,etc. 

In return you're going to charge them for delivering your services. You can then gradually grow this into a profitable business by recruiting other people to work with you. 

Etsy shop(Print on demand )

This is one of the simplest business you can start online with no investment. 

All you're going to need is small picture editing skills or graphics designing skills. With this business model, you create a store on Etsy, and upload your designs on them. 

It can be any form design as far as it's unique. Etsy is going to advertise your products for you and then when you make sales, you place an order to a print in demand website like printful or Redbubble who will ship your things directly to the customer without any work on your side. 


Starting a business can be very risky and most people end up losing their investment capitals in the first five years of the business. 

Today, there are business models you can start with no money and still earn decent income from it. This could be blogging, YouTubing, Etsy stores,errand service, event planning, creating online courses and being a virtual assistant.

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