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Why Green Nurses are considered "wicked/disrespectful" amongst those who wear brown & green? See why

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There are over 30 different types of nursing professions. As a nurse gets more qualifications and experiences, automatically promote themselves to vie for senior roles.

Many parents become excited whenever they see young ladies wear green and brown uniforms in offering health care. Most parents advise their daughters to consider Nursing as a profession in the near future.

They usually get confused about the difference between the nurses and what role each play in offering health care, all because of their different uniforms. Are you also confused?

Some people have confused the Green and Brown school uniforms for their grades, with the green ones having C6 as their last grade. Others also see them as people who schooled for 3 years because the Green had a C6 final grade and Brown had a D7 but passed NOV/DEC.

The uniforms that these nurses wear tell a lot about the kind of role they play in the hospital. We have Green Uniform with a green collar and white on the dress hand, we also have Green Dress with a white collar, another white dress hand, and the all-white uniform and the brown uniform.

People who wear the green uniform - meaning they are registered to practice as a nurse. They could be Registered Community Nurses (diploma version of the Community Health Nurse) or Registered General Nurses or Registered Midwives. Nurses in the green uniform are mostly considered "wicked and disrespectful" because they are normally associated with immorality. In Ghana, nurses in green uniforms are normally seen on social media engaging in such activities. Ever seen or heard any other nurse doing any of these before? Kindly share with us in the comments section.

Those in all-white uniforms are Degree holders. The Registered General Nurses(RGN) and Registered Midwifery (RM) are Diploma holders who have been trained for three years. The other Green Uniform with a green collar and white at the dress hand is the Nurse Assistant Clinical(NAC). They assist Nurses after doing a 2-years certificate program.

Community and enrolled Nurses are mostly seen at our wards giving remedying services. They wait for you to fall sick then they manage it so it doesn't get worse. The diploma nurses (General Nurses, Midwives and Community Health Nurses) wear the same Green but no white attached to it.

Community Health Nurses (CHN) are also known as the Nurse Assistant Preventive (NAP). They are found working in our communities, CHPS compounds and RCH units of various health facilities after doing their 2-year Certificate programme.

Brown Uniforms are Certificate Holders. Their main job is to immunize children and render preventive services. They educate adults against diseases, administer family planning commodities to acceptors (clients who subscribe to FP), monitor the growth of children, and other related activities.

Nurses wear different uniforms depending on whether they are pursuing a NAC, NAP or Diploma in Nursing. The difference between the two uniforms depends on the course, that defines your uniform and the role play in the hospital.

Which other nurse have you seen or heard engaging in immoral stuff?

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