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When You Should Never Quit A Job

Work is a very important part of human life. In order for one to survive, one must work to earn a source of income. Nobody wishes to live without a job. People go to school with the aim of growing up to get a  job since education has now become a major requirement for attaining a job.

Others also learn different skills that will enable them to start their own businesses, there are also those who engage in petty trading activities just to make a living. Regardless of whatever job it is, every job comes with it’s own challenges. CEOs face challenges, employers and employees also face challenges most especially at workplaces. Even though everyone has his or her own challenge, the kind of treatment meted out to employees most at times is nothing to write home about.

People who do not have their own jobs but work for others go through a lot sometimes. Some employees face issues such as being maltreated, receiving low salaries, working beyond the required hours among so many others. In situations where the job is not formal but an informal one such as being a maid servant to a household, the person is subjected to all forms of torture. In fact, workplace frustrations come in different ways to employees, but must one quit their job due to the frustrations they encounter at workplaces?

If they should, at what time is it not advisable to quit a job?  Yes you may want your peace of mind away from all the frustrations at workplace but never quit a job at these times:

When you have no plan: One should not even think of quitting a job when he or she has no plans of how to get a source of income after quitting. There are exceptions though, that is in situations where the person’s life is at risk. The person needs to quit but aside from that , quitting a job without a plan can lead to a much more frustrating situation than the one experienced at the workplace. It is therefore important to have a plan, maybe get a new job elsewhere, start a business or develop a better plan that can sustain you or make you better after quitting a job. Quitting without a plan however, is not advisable.

Never quit a job when you are not thinking logically: No work is easy and every work has its own frustrations ranging from problems with co-workers to employees among so many challenges. There are occasions where tensions rise at workplaces and people engage in misunderstandings which sometimes lead to fights. Emotions rise up and people get angry. Getting angry can prevent one from thinking logically. At that point, it is possible for one to feel like quitting a job. However it may not be the right decision since the person did not decide on a sound mind. It is therefore important not to quit a job when one is angry or in a situation that prevents them from thinking logically.

Thirdly, never quit a job when you do not have enough savings. Not having enough savings can lead to financial crisis therefore it is not advisable to quit a job when one has not saved enough to live on for the rest of their lives or enough to help them start or invest in a business. Taking into account health, basic and other needs, quitting a job without enough savings to cater for all these needs can lead to financial breakdown which is likely to lead to depression and other emotional issues.

Quitting a job when one is not happy is not a bad thing however quitting a job without a plan, when one is not thinking logically and when one does not have enough savings can lead to much bigger challenges.

By: Saeed Fridaus

Content created and supplied by: TikeseTen (via Opera News )


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