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Women Empowerment: Females Now Occupying Male Dominated Professions

Males have had total control over some professions from the start of time but I am very glad that those times are gradually coming to an end, since our females have shown that what men can do, they can also do it and even go ahead to doing it better.

It is for this reason why nowadays, we have seen a blend of both genders in professions which usually used to be taken up by only males. I do think that we must be treated equally irrespective of our genders and I am very glad that the authorities are giving females the chance to harness their talents.

In this article, I am going to talk about five professions which were tagged as male-dominated professions some time ago but are no more. Females with talents have now occupied positions in these professions and are doing it in grand style. Let us take a stroll through them below

1. Truck driving

This job has always been for males over the past years. People think females do not have the strength to drive trucks due to how stressful they can be. Ladies and gentlemen, this is no more because a new age has come, women can really drive big trucks and buses.

2. Barbering

The barbershop has seen males work over there from the start of time but this current age is pushing females to fill up such positions.

3. Mechanic

Whenever a person goes to a fitting shop in my country, the first thing you hear them say is they are looking for "Master". Well, very soon, we will hear people say they are looking for "Mistress".

4. Soldier

Men are said to be brave and for that matter, they were the ones who went to wars. There was an assumption that the only room of women was the kitchen. That assumption no more holds since women are out there fighting for their countries.

5. Bus conductor

This is what we normally term as "mates" in my country. It had always been a profession for males but women now have the chance to take up such a profession without feeling bad.

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