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Remember Him? This Is Why This Face Is Suddenly Trending On The Internet.

All too soon, the 3 year contract NABCO Trainees signed in 2018 will come to an end. NABCO, the program which was started in 2018, to serve as a temporary haven for job seeking graduates to acquire and attain relevant skills on the job has become the topic of discussion as the deadline day for their contracts inches closer.

To Register thier anger, confusion and displeasure, many NABCO trainees have taken to social medi to discuss about the lack of clarity at the end of the program. For some, they held on to the promise of being absorbed into the government sector or at least, into the organization which they undertook thier NABCo training.

As part of the discussions on the social media platforms especially Twitter, some users brought up this image to serve as a form of remembrance. This image was somewhere last year used to promote the NABCO agenda on varios billboards and platforms.

For this reason and as a result of several people posting this picture, it ended up trending to some extent.

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