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5 Habits Of Poor People.

Poverty is a great enemy to humanity in this world. It miserably determines where you have to associate yourself, as well as your social status. It relegates you to the background you NEVER want to be. People who deserve to be respected are not granted that just because they are poor. Others are cheated for finacial stabled humans because they lack financial freedom. It is with these reasons I made a research on the habits usually seen on poor people with the aim of putting it on social media for all of us to change our habits and become financial independents and rich at large. Please comment, subscribe, like and click below these 5 habits of a poor person.

1. Procastination. We are taking this one as our first point. People who procastinate by delaying in doing things finally land themselves in poverty. They waste time in investments, savings and even making decisions for their own success. They put fear in whatever they want to do and later on come back regretting over that. They even delay in taking advice from experts and councillors. If you find yourself in this, work on it, since you might find it difficult in making it.

2. Extravagancy. People with extavagant lifestyles, yet middle class may not easily become rich. It's always good to spend less than you earn, because you can easily compound your wealth with that. On contrary, if you leave your life with the aim of spending on unnecessary things, there will not be enough for you to invest. Rich people buy assets that bring money. They don't spend on irrelevant things, just like poor ones do.

3.Bad peers. Friendship is good, but the type of friend (Good or bad ) is what matters. If you go in for someone without good vision, less business minded, yet enjoyment, night clubs, drinking, amongst others, he or she will never help you to improve financially. Some friends will even bring you down if they realise you are making a very good progress, as far as money is concerned. So becareful with those you choose as your peers.

4. Too Much Time On Social Media. There's always a saying that" time is as precious as Gold." Do not always spend so much of your time on the social media since it waits for no man. The very time you may be wasting on that perhaps is that time someone will be using for much investment and earnings. Time management is extremely important, so we need to respect and be more disciplined towards it in our daily routines, if really we want to be rich.

5. Laziness. God helps those who help themselves. If you fail to help yourslef by sleeping and being so reluctant most attime, how then will you be successful? Rich people work more harder despite all what they acquire. They begun from scratches with serious work and vision before getting to their successful places now. It takes great efforts, sacrifice and a lot more before making it as financially, not through reluctance.

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