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Lady shares her pictures before and after work and this is what she does for a living

Women know what it means to work hard. 

There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.

These days women is also performing well in all the fields.

As you know violance against to women is very common society problem recently. One important cause of this problem is salary. A woman who hasn’t any salary may encounter many problem about life. İf you don’t have any income , you can see bad parts of community.

In spite of all the women of the past who have carved their places in society, some women today still find it hard to reach their full potential. They still have to work twice as hard to achieve their dreams. 

This lady goes by the name of Monroe from Limpopo, Polokwane. Twitter handle @Monroe244 shared snaps of her before and after work that got women changing their minds about hard labour. She has proven that hustle has no boundaries. And with the unemployment rate in this country, you will want to work with whatever you have.

Monroe is into construction, specializing in paving, tiling and ceiling. She also share a picture that displayed how tired she can get during her working hours and people couldn't stop singing her praises.

Women must work, I mean, earn money on her own, they must.

To invest money, especially her savings, in stocks, mutual funds, etc. These things are beneficial for women who have taken career breaks for raising children. These things are also beneficial for women who want to do business in future.

To financially support her family. In Ghana, girls are treated as liabilities, as they are just married off to someone’s else home, instead of being made to be independent. 

An independent woman is able to survive on her own, unless she finds a good and compatible partner for herself. She doesn’t need to put up with an abusive man, just for the sake of money.

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Lady Limpopo Monroe Polokwane


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