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How to become an entrepreneur

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If you want to make a decision of become an entrepreneur and you don’t know what to do next

this is the five steps process for you to become an entrepreneur.

The evolution to become an entrepreneur and you can make a decision for your self, which route you want to go to.

Step number one; choose one route

step number two ; find a place to work

work for somebody and learn from that person

step number three; Become an expect of that one thing

step number four; find a way to make it better and

step number five Become a voice and leader

and store owner peace and own a peace but if that doesn’t work, go to another place where you can

to become an entrepreneur

someone may ask, I have a great idea to become an entrepreneur and I don’t have any money so how do I become an entrepreneur

But always someone work with someone and meet someone and get money and then save that money, start a business. That is how it works it’s not about i have never had a job before or I have never done anything before.There is an evolution to become an entrepreneur and that is how it works.


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