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Hint on cancellation of student nurses and midwives allowance

There have been a hint on the cancellation of student nurses and midwives monthly allowance

It was believe when a student nurse activist and a very close friend to the HR of ministry for health and a friend to the current GRNMA President.Mr Sugri Abdul-Rafiq writes on his Facebook wall.

"it's expensive to be trained as a nurse in Ghana.

In an academic year, a nursing trainee pays more than twice the fees a university student will pay

Whilst in school, they contribute about 40% to the total health care delivery in Ghana during their mandatory vacation clinicals

In simple terms, out of 10 nurses, you see at our various hospitals from the district level, 4 of them are either students or rotation nurses

They put themselves forward to protect the lives of Ghanaian

They run normal shifts just like those who are permanently employed. (Morning, afternoon and night shifts

So it's not for nothing that they are being paid students allowance

And it's not for nothing that they are being paid "rotation" allowance but not "National service" allowance.

So, therefore, it will be very dangerous to think that trainee nurses and rotation nurses should be treated just like any other student or any other graduate doing his service

ALL IS WELL~~~e. e.).s... .

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