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Important Notice To All Nurses Belonging To UPNMG. Former Member Of UPNMG

 Important notice to all Nurses belonging to UPNMG. I was a member of UPNMG but has left to another association. 

I was lied by UPNMG leaders about better offers but since I joined i have not seen any .

They told us of loans but comparing to other associations like GRNMA the UPNMG loan interest rate is high.

GRNMA offers just 10% interest so I ask myself if leaders of UPNMG are promising me better why is their loan interest higher than this.

I have come to realised that GRNMA has been assisting members who fall ill,fire and other disasters and even rotational nurses too.I don't see UPNMG doing this. 

All they tell us is come to UPNMG and we will collect your money from GRNMA for you.

I once asked one of their executives that atleast when I was with GRNMA Axis pension use to prompt me of my deductions , I used to monitor my fund contribution too.

Now UPNMG deducts me and don't see anything they use the money for. They don't negotiate nor pay any internal dues on My behalf. 

I have come to realise that UPNMG is just a ponzy scheme that some selfish individuals are operating. 

I have wasted my time with UPNMG and I think is time for all Nurses to leave that association. 

Now let me ask Nurses with UPNMG that have they even heard of any elections since joining UPNMG.

People have just elected themselves to lead and chopping money but still try to condemn other union. 

UPNMG members please let's wise up .

Nurses let's start thinking twice when these people approach us. UPNMG please be democratic and accountable.

Open up and have your elections for all if you care. Before I conclude I know my friends who have been paid by these same UPNMG to do just propaganda against other unions.

Let's wise up Nurses.

Thank you.

Concerned Nurse

( Former member of UPNMG)

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