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I was denied a job opportunity at ministries because of my weight - woman reveals

Caterer and entrepreneur, Elsie Koomson has revealed that she quit her job at the ministry of roads and highways after she was denied the opportunity to work at a toll booth. 

According to Elsie, all her colleagues were selected except her. Speaking with DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa, Elsie stated that it was due to her weight. 

“I was at the registrar general department and the best of us were taken to the ministry of roads and highways but I was not selected. We were going to work as toll booth collectors and I knew it would be simple for me to get the job because of the protocol. 

But later I was told that I did not get the job because they think I won't fit into the toll booth. They just did not want to give me the opportunity but I know I would have fit in it,” Elsie revealed. 

She added that even though she felt disappointed, she turned her focus on catering and her business.

“I felt bad though. After that I haven't worked in any office space again. Now, I work as a caterer sometimes and I have a little business on the side,” Elsie dsclosed. 

Kindly watch the full interview on YouTube; SVTV AFRICA

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