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Screenshots: Some Boys Break Silence On The Internet To Reveal Why They Are Afraid Of Female Nurse

Nursing is seen to be one of the most highly respected profession in Ghana and even the world at large. For this reason many young girls prefer to be enrolled in nursing training than to be in other tertiary institutions.

Per the investigations conducted by your favorite writter Randasty, I have come to notice that many young boys in Ghana fear nurses due to their uniform and how high their profession is rated in the country. I can not talk about female nurses in the comments without praising their beauty, endowed curvy backside and their smiling faces when they take snap shots.

Now, some users on the internet (Facebook) have break silence to clear the doubt that they fear female nurses. There is a saying in akan that goes "de3 owo akano da suro sonosono". They have gone deep to express their feeling on how they see some female nurse to be in their various houses. The below are screenshots of how they expressed their feeling clearing the doubt that some males fear female nurses in the country;

What can you say about the perception of some people that boys fear female nurses? Let hear from you in the comments section below. Like, share and follow up on me for more updates on related articles.

Content created and supplied by: Randasty (via Opera News )

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