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Top Five(5) Most Dangerous Jobs in Ghana. Number five is super dangerous

There are quite a number of jobs in Ghana. Each job gives at least some kind of living for workers. Some of these jobs seem to very dangerous. It only requires an expert to be in such field. These jobs are tagged 'dangerous' because' any mistake can lead to loss of lives or injury.

In today's article, let us look at some of the dangerous jobs in Ghana.

#1. Security Officer

This job does not only require strength but rather smartness and skills. It is one of the most dangerous jobs in Ghana. In case of any shooting incident by robbers, it is the police that goes to ensure that all robbers are arrested. It is a very dangerous job and requires only experts and series of training in order to be in that field.

#2. Fishing

Ghanaians cannot live comfortably without the fishermen. They ply on the water with their canons and boats in search of fishes. It also requires experts to be in such field. It requires individual who can swim very well. There have been several cases of boats capsiding during the search. It is very dangerous.

#3. Driving

Being a driver is a very great job. One needs to be trained very well before they drive. Any mistake from driving can result in loss of lives. 

#4. Electrician

Being an electrician requires a lot of training. Any mistake can lead to an electrocution. This jobs requires the use of electrical wires. Any wrong or error in this work can lead to fire outbreak.

#5. Mining

Most of Ghana's natural resources seem to be underground. It requires miners to go down there and get it up. Only experts are required to do this work. It requires training to be in such field. There have been incidents where people lose their lives as a result of extracting such resources. 

These five jobs are equally important as other jobs. Without the jobs above, Ghana wouldn't have been a nice place to live. The jobs above should only be done by experts.

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