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How To Write A Winning CV That Will Land You An interview.

Writing a resume that will make you stand out from the crowed and convince potential employers that you are someone they should interview at all costs is no easy task.

Below are our tips on how to make a resume that will get you noticed, including what to include in each of the key sections of your resume, to give you the best chance of securing that all- important interview.

PROFILE: The purpose of the " profile" section on your resume is to capture a potential employer's interest, such that they feel compelled to on and consider your application seriously.

MAJOR ACHIEVEMENTS: It is helpful to follow the profile with a section dedicated to your major Achievements. List Achievements for which you can claim genuine personal ownership and, wherever possible, quantify them in financial terms.

EXPERIENCE/ CAREER HISTORY: The" experience/ career history" section of your resume should provide the details of your career to date, summarizing the companies you have worked for,in reverse date order, together with the principal responsibilities and Achievements within your various roles. Include the company name ( with ownership details, if appropriate) and a line describing what the company does and its turnover, unless it's a household name that needs no introduction.

Be sure to include some significant Achievements in this section, whilst avoiding wholesale repetition of the information already provided in the " major achievements" section. Again, use numbers wherever you can to indicate the direct results of your efforts.

EDUCATION/ QUALIFICATIONS: Unless you have recent left school or University, or have only a very few years work experience, you should summarize your education and qualifications after your career history, rather than before.List, in reverse chronological order, the principal qualifications you' ve obtained, together with the names and dates of the institutions you attended.

OTHER SKILLS: If you have other skills that are relevant to a potential employer, follow the section on education and qualification with a new heading entitled, " Other Skills". Here you should list things like IT skills or foreign language ability.

PERSONAL DETAILS: You name, address and contact details ( home telephone, Mobile and e-mail address) should appear at the top of your resume. It is normally best to leave out date of birth, nationality and marital status.

INTERESTS: some people like to include a final section on their hobbies and opinion on its value are mixed.

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