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Which Tribe Will Do Menial Job In The City Rather Than Having A Better Job In The Village?

Every human is to engage in any form of job for a living. Any kind of job a person engages in should be acceptable and legal in the society. While some jobs require particular skills for it's execution. Such jobs require certain levels of education and apprenticeship training. Such jobs include teaching, accounting, nursing, law etc.

Others do not need any skills. Examples are fufu pounding, weeding, fruit gathering, palm-wine tapping.etc.

The job one engages in a way is determined by the environment one is born in. A person born in a family of lawyers has a greater possibility of becoming a lawyer.

The occupational distribution in Ghana seem to be regionally and tribally determined. The natural resource distribution plays a vital role in this. A region that shares boundary with the sea usually has majority of its people being fishermen whiles regions with vast lands of grassland has a lot of herdsmen.

Aside spacial distribution of natural resources, comes the influence of the coming of the Europeans. Upon entering our lands, they settled in areas the sea. This went a long way to affect their lives. It is no wonder that most of the earlier group of educated elites came from the coast.

A careful observation indicates that some menial jobs are ascribed to particular tribes in the country. Such jobs include dish washing in restaurants, head Potter jobs, toilet gate keeping, watchmen etc.

Most people who are engaged in this jobs come from the poverty stricken parts of our country. This impedes their efforts in acquiring higher education and apprenticeship.

These people are however encouraged not to hide behind their economic situation to remain where they are. They should start small and grow big. The meagre proceeds they earn from these menial jobs should be used to educate their children to acquire skills for better jobs.


By: jmahama.

Content created and supplied by: Jmahama (via Opera News )


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