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They Are Humans: Pay Your Workers Well - Mannaseh Azure Tells Job Owners

Popular and investigative journalist Manasseh Azure Awuni has called on job owners to pay their workers well because they are also humans and deserve better. He lamented how the owners buy luxurious cars and acquire many properties yet are their employees find it difficult to afford a single room rent.

In a post shared on his official Facebook page on Monday, 15th August 2022, Mannaseh Azure wrote;

"Pay your workers well. You’re buying luxury cars and properties while those helping you to make the money can’t rent a decent single room with what you pay them. They’re humans. "

Analysis On The Plight Of Young Graduates In Ghana

Our young graduates who are lucky enough, will get some private and in some few instances, public sector jobs with a gross pay of between GHS 1,500- GHS2,500.

Then a somewhat decent single room to provide shelter is around 600-800 cedis a month with landlords demanding a 2 year advance payment.

Nearly all of your annual salary gone in rent in one day. Transport, feeding, healthcare and important have not come yet. They’re in an 8am- 5pm job and expected to focus on that alone, appear decent, explore their creative abilities, further their education, give out their best and be honest.

I mean these are even the lucky ones and this is how being lucky here looks like.

Entrepreneurs The Bitter Truth Told

It is no joke to be an entrepreneur! We must thank them rather for creating jobs! It is not easy to get a job and we appreciate your efforts.

The truth is entrepreneurs must be fair to their employees. Whilst some entrepreneurs are doing their best many others have taken advantage.

Many job owners are milking their employees dry. People wake up at dawn to beat heavy traffic, go to work and toil like a horse. At the end of the month, they're paid money which is only spent on transportation and food.

I believe those whose relatives work for Zoomlion Ghana limited, private school owners and many other institutions can relate. People are still paying their workers 150gh to 450gh in this critical time. Many people are dying these days not because their time is up but they can’t take it anymore?

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