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The fundamentals of Ghana’s economy are now strong – Dr. Bawumia defends

Speaking on Accra-based Peace FM, the Vice President uncovered that the basics of Ghana's economy are presently solid when contrasted with what they acquired. 

"The essentials are presently solid and the deterioration is around 2%. Since 1992 the cedi has not been this solid in spite of the overwhelming impact of COVID-19 all around", he expressed. 

He uncovered that the cedi, however is right now extending between GH¢5.7 against the US Dollar, it is inside the scope of the essentials. 

"We have had the option to bolt the cedi inside the scope of the essentials and the microfinance basics are additionally in the best of shape", he included. 

A year ago, Dr Bawumia in reacting to a comparative inquiry was cited to have said "You will review that I expressed in 2014 that if the essentials are feeble the swapping scale will uncover you. That was genuine at that point and it is genuine at this point. It is 100% right. So if the essentials are powerless the swapping scale will uncover." 

"However, it's twisted rationale to bounce from that to an end that on the off chance that there is devaluation in your money, at that point the essentials must be powerless. It is an extremely distorted rationale. In the event that the basics are frail, the conversion standard will uncover you however in the event that the swapping scale moves, you can't hop to that end that the essentials are feeble. That makes no sense. There could be other outside variables causing the conversion scale devaluation." the Vice President expressed.

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