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Just In: Coronavirus Just Got A New Name

The Coronavirus pandemic has hit all of us hard. It has disrupted anything and every plan anyone had this year.

It has taken the lives of people who are dear to us and some of these people were considered heroes and role models.

It has made life gloomy and unbearable. It has made Ninja fashion a necessity, if you are looking not to get infected. Because of covid-19, we cover our faces majority of the day and we have to endure being uncomfortable and put up with facemasks even when we are unable to breathe.

But through it all, we as Ghanaians always find a way to make light of any tough situation or occurrence. I have a female friend who lives a few blocks from me and she’s also a verified writer on the news hub.

I went to see her recently and we talked about a lot of things. She lives with her mum and grandmother, who sometimes join us when we are talking about stuff they're interested in.

In this case, we were talking about the recent demise of the NPP top gun Sir John, and how serious the pandemic is.

All of a sudden, my friend’s grandmother interrupted us and said “Kwabena 19 is really bad. I don’t know why Kwabena 19 is so wicked. Sir John was someone I really liked a lot”.

 I turned and look at my friend, her grandmother couldn’t be possibly talking about covid-19 or is she? I thought to myself. My friend’s grandmother didn’t stop there, she kept on talking.

“Have they found a cure for Kwabena 19 yet? Why has it taken so long Anita?” she asked my friend who’s called Anita by the way.

My friend looked at me and I looked back at her, all of a sudden we both burst out laughing so hard in unison. We laughed so hard that I saw little tears in Anita’s eyes.

Her grandmother looked at us a little confused and she smiled.

“Grandma” she asked her grandmother when she regained herself “what did you say the name of the pandemic was?”

Her grandmother looked at her, smiled, shook her head and then walked away.

“Wow, Kwabena 19 is a cool new name for the Coronavirus. I might write about this” I told her and here I am.

Maybe you can joke it out with your friends when you get the time. Peace and Love everyone.

And Rest in Peace Sir John. You will never be forgotten.

Content created and supplied by: MikeBrownVille (via Opera News )

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