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Opinion: These 7 Regions In Ghana Should Resume Total Lockdown With Immediate Effect.

Our dear country Ghana through its God's given President Nana Akufo Ado is doing it's best to curtail the spread of the invincible enemy coronavirus in our beloved country. The president whom right from the inception of the virus has taken active steps to ensure that Ghanaian's are safe and healthy, is still doing same today.

It is no longer news that the virus is ravaging the entire globe, and nations around the world are doing their best to stem the spread of the virus in their countries. It is obvious that we may live with the virus for long as effort is still put in place by some world's medical researchers to look for a cure for the virus.

Until then, we need to stay alive, therefore our government need to do all they could to ensure that Ghanaian's are alive to see a new dawn of this virus where a vaccine will be found and anyone infected can be cured, so that our lives and our economy can be restored to normalcy.

Until then, Ghanaian's attention need to be drawn to the fact that the virus is drastically spreading in the country and the government need to come up with an idea as soon as possible to see that the spread and deaths is curtailed.

It is to this effect that I want to humbly suggest in my opinion that the federal government should order for the immediate total lockdown of these 7 regions in Ghana so that our people can have hope of surviving the spread of the virus until a cure is found. Below are the list of those regions and reasons why I want to opine that they should be locked down.

1. Ashanti Region: This is the most populated region in Ghana with over 4.7 million people, with thus statics, the outbreak of the virus in this region will yield to more spread therefore more deaths in the country.

2. Greater Accra: Greater Accra has a total population of 4.1 million. This also makes it more vulnerable to infections and spread of the virus.

3. Eastern Region: with a population of 2.6 million people, I think the nation should consider locking it down again.

4. Northern Region: It is true that the more congested a region is the higher its chances of contracting and spreading the virus. This region has over 2.4 million people.

5. Western Region: With over 2.3 million people, I think it should be lockdown as well.

6. Bono Region: Bono has over 2.3 million people as well, this makes it to be in the vulnerable group.

7. Volta Region: Volta is also populated with a total of 2.1 million people. Locking it down will curb the spread of the virus

The aforementioned regions after dye consideration will reduce the increasing number of cases in Ghana if lockdown.

Feel free to also share your opinion below. Thanks.

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