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7 Ways to Appreciate People and say Thank You

Showing appreciation to people who show you kindness is an obligation. Kindness to people is a good virtue recommended by Apostle Paul to people of Galatia. In Galatians 5: 22 kindness is mentioned as one of the fruits of the spirit by which you should live.

Jesus healed ten men of leprosy and only one of them returned to thank Jesus and praised him, so he asked where the other nine were. Jesus was expecting that all ten of them would realize that they had been healed and show some gratefulness.

In essence when someone shows you some kindness, whether it’s big or small you need to show some appreciation with just two words ‘’THANK YOU!’’

In spite of all the hustle and bustle of city life, in towns, villages and elsewhere you’ll meet people who would show some kindness. Even when someone shows you direction to a place you don’t know he has been kind to you and need to thank him.

Here are 7 ways you have to acknowledge and appreciate people and show gratefulness by saying thank you.

1. When someone opens a door for you

When someone opens or holds a door for you to pass he has shown some respect or concern for you and you have to acknowledge it by thanking him. If you are the CEO of a company and your driver opens your car door for you, saying a word of thanks will neither demote you nor make him equal to you. It will rather show you are a caring person.

2. When someone gives you the right of way

When walking, you can come into abrupt face to face ‘’clash’’ with someone where the walkway is narrow and one may have to give way to the other to pass. If the other person gives you way to pass, just say thanks as you pass him by.

 If you happen to be driving in a congested traffic your vehicle may cross another’s right of way and you may get an insult. Don’t mind the insult, just say thanks and drive away.

3. When someone offers you a helping hand

You may run into a situation where you will need someone’s help. For example you went shopping and need someone to help you pack or unpack your load into or out of your car.

Your car can break down on a busy road and you’ll need someone to help you push the car to safety, or whenever someone voluntarily helps you with any kind of chore never forget to say thank you.

4. When you are discharged from hospital after admission

When you are discharged from a hospital you may be tempted to think that once you paid for your medical care that compensates for the efforts of the hospital staff in caring for you.

 Whilst that can be true if you return to the hospital a week after your discharge to say thank you guys for taking good care of me the Lord shall be grateful to you.

5. When someone offers you a Nose mask or Hand sanitizer

These days when people have limited their visits to relatives and friends because of corona virus when you get a visitor you must be grateful. More so if the visitor thinks of your well-being and comes along with a gift of nose mask or a bottle of hand sanitizer what are you supposed to tell him?

6. When someone stops you from fighting

When you are provoked beyond self-control and you decide to fight your provoker because you can no more tolerate his nonsense, and someone comes along to hold you back, stop and give thanks to the peace maker. These days you hear people stabbing others to death in a fight.

7. When someone saves you from ‘’drowning’’

 If I use drowning here I refer to an unfavorable or uncomfortable situation from which someone has to bail you out to be free. Someone may see your predicament and offer to help you. Be grateful and thankful for all the small and big things people do to help you.

And finally be thankful to the Lord who makes all things possible.

Content created and supplied by: EbenezerAwuah_03 (via Opera News )

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