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Is BBC Africa Crazy ?

Someone might ask what BBC is . BBC here is an abbreviation for"British Broadcasting Corporation" . BBC is used to refer to television channels and radio stations that are own by BBC.

BBC is a British Public Service broadcaster. It's main responsibility is to provide impartial public service broadcasting in the UK channels and all over world. It is also a public corporation of the department for digital , Culture , media and sport.

I know by now you're still asking why this Article and why this title . now let get into it.

BBC Africa has made several tweet since the Corona arrive in our countries , thus Africans and were thinking Africans were going to die .let cast our mind back to the wife of Billgate , she came out saying thousands of dead bodies will be seen on Africa streets . Why ?

This white people wished so many bad thing for Africa as a Continent and none of it is coming true . Now let see some tweet they tweeted on Tweeter .

A whole lot of Articles on Africans . why does these whites people still have these mindset of Africans?

what do they take we the Africans for ? Does being black or born in African necessarily means you won't have mind to reason ?

All what they were thinking about was that Africans cannot do anything about this pandemic Corona virus and for that matter we are all going to die . they were wishing to see us dead on streets and these isn't happening and they are soo mad about it as in why African's death rate are soo low comparing to the whites .

What these people have forgotten about is that we Africans or we blacks have strong immune system which can fight this Corona. Aside these , there's safety measures putten in place that we practice. Some include washing of hands under running water with soap , observing social distancing , using hand sanitizers are wearing of our nose mask and face shield . if we are too wise to reason and to take these measures serious , why o. earth will you think the virus will continue spread ?

Africans obey our leaders and we don't Party during Corona Virus Crisis. that was why there was a lockdown in our countries just to stop the spread of this Virus. Black were not Parting like how the Florida people were partying at their beaches and so on whiles most of them were having the virus .let have a look at this tweet.

What does Corona Virus got to do with Poverty ???

Let have a look at this one too here

Always publishing articles;

Can Africans contain Corona virus ?

Are we going to die ?

I always blame our leaders. Can BBC write Articles about why the whites are dying soo much?. We need to Unite as one Africa and as One Continent and fight against Racism. Our leaders needs to wake up.

What do you also think about this ?

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