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GNAT Announces Special Packages For All Members

Report convened has it that, the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) shall give its members COVID-19 protection items as end-of-year packages for 2020.

In relation to, all schools were closed due to the outbreak of COVID-19 throughout the country, teachers were allowed to stay home, together with the school children's as one of the safety precautionary measures put in place to curb the spread of the virus throughout the country.

Even though, schools are still remain closed but, GNAT announces special packages for its members, the items shall includes Nose Masks, Hand Sanitizers and Polo T-Shirt.

According to the President of the Association speaking on Angel FM Kumasi based radio station disclosed that, every member of the association will receive this special package to protect themselves wherever they are.

The aim of the association, thus Ghana National Association of Teachers(GNAT) to distribute such items is, to ensure that every member of the association are safe from contracting the virus that has become so much burden in the whole world.

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Angel FM GNAT Ghana National Association of Teachers( Nose Polo T-Shirt


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