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Reopening Of Schools In South Africa, A Step In It Direction or Dangerous Move

Amidst this critical times of Corona Virus pandemic, most schools businesses, churches and other organisations have been closed down owing to the fear of spreading the infection. Globally, the corona virus cases has hit 7.41 million with over 418000 death due to the corona virus pandemic. Information from the Centre for Disease Control for Africa CDC and John Hopkins University indicates that Africa has about twenty two thousand one hundred and six(225,125) confirmed cases with six thousand and fifty one(6,051) death and one hundred and two thousand nine hundred and twelve (102,912)recoveries as at 13th June 2020 at 10:00 GMT.

Out of the number of corona virus cases that has been recorded in Africa, South Africa is the leading African country with has recorded the highest number of cases. South Africa from the database of Centre of Disease Control in Africa CDC and John Hopkins University as at June 13th indicates the country has sixty one thousand nine hundred and twenty seven confirmed cases of the corona virus disease with thirty five thousand and six recoveries and one thousand three hundred and fifty four death. Here is the breakdown across it regions;

1. Western cape has recorded thirty seven thousand four hundred and twenty two(37,422).

2. Guateng has recorded seven thousand nine hundred and fifty three(7953).

3. Eastern Cape has seven thousand Eight hundred and sixty eight(7868).

5. Kwazulu-Natal has recorded three thousand four hundred and seventy two cases(3472).

6. North West of the country has recorded seven hundred and fifty seven(757).

7. Limpopo has two hundred and sixty seven whiles Mpumalanga and Northern cape has two hundred and twenty eight (228)and one hundred and thirty two(132).

Despite the country recording high number of corona virus disease, leaders have gone ahead to reopen their schools. Schools were reopened to the grade 9th and grade 12th on the 8th June 2020. All students before entry the school premises had their temperature checked. All were made to wear face mask and ensured distance between each other in class room and on school compound. Playing among school children during break times as it usually occur in schools has be avoided to avoid contact with one another.

According to the 2018 population statistics, South Africa has a of 57.78 million people. Meaning that with their current infection rate of the corona virus disease, approximately one(1) percent of the entire population has been affected. As it stands, it is the only country in the continent of Africa with highest death toll from the corona virus disease. The number of death alone in South Africa is higher past the rate of confirmed cases in some sister African countries such as Botswana, Burundi, Chad,Benin, Angola, Eritrea, Gambia, Lesotho, Namibia which has lower number of cases with some having as low as less than even 10 cases as in the case of Lesotho. Some parents were thinking about the safety issues as they send their children to school.

With The higher number of cases that's it has recorded, the country should have waited a little before sending children into the classrooms. What draws attention most is the death tool. With over one thousand deaths due to the corona virus disease, this is not a good sign for the country to lift lockdown measures even though it has began gradually. Dividing the co firmed cases by the death number yield a result of approximately 45. This implies that for every 45 infection that South Africa records, there is one death. This makes it scary for the country which require more strict measures to curtail infection among it citizens.

Juxtaposing the case of South Africa to other countries across the globe with higher infection such as the united state of America which has higher rate of infection, it appears that the death rate of South Africa is too high. The United Sate of America has 2.9 million confirmed cases with 116000 deaths. Applying the same mathematics here, approximately for every 1802 infection, there is one death for the USA as against 45 cases one death for South Africa. More measures needs to be adopted and reopening School as far as these analysis are concerned is a wrong move.

Content created and supplied by: DaaOdoom (via Opera News )

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