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Covid-19 Death Cases In Ghana Are Bieng Massaged - Occupy Ghana

Occupy Ghana is skeptical about the covid-19 death cases put out by the Ghana Health Service(GHS).

According to the Ghana Health Service,the death cases of covid-19 is 54, but occupy ghana argues and says that this is not true.

It explaned that,not all the death cases in other parts of the country adds up to the national count and there will be lost of trust in the reporting system which will cause a lot of problems in the country and continued by saying that less than 20 of the death cases of covid-19 are included in the national count among the 38 death cases in the Ashanti region.

“The case count is growing steadily by the day - about 200 to 300 new cases per day. At the last count, we had 7652 confirmed active cases even though that number could be higher (the total number of confirmed cases is 11,964),it said.

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