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Security Threat: Ofoase Ayirebi SHS Students Ambushed By Town Boys, Students And Visitors Injured

While other Senior High schools are dealing with efforts in mitigating the deadly coronavirus pandemic, Ayirebi Senior High School students in the Ofoase Ayirebi district in the eastern region are gripped with fear, panic and insecurity as town boys constantly ambush them, beat them and unleash all forms of attack on both the students and visitors of the school.

Sources within the school has revealed that these armed town boys hide in bushes and attack them with weapons yet the headmaster and teachers are doing virtually nothing much about the issue.

According to the source, these innocent students went back to school to be constantly be tortured by the town boys. The most victims are the female students.

"For about four days now, town boys have been attacking us. Some of our girls were attacked while going to toilet. A day after, two other girls were hit by wood while going to the dormitory after preps. Yesterday dawn while sleeping, we heard people throwing stones onto our roof and shouting on us to come out for them to do to us what they want to. So when one lady went out to ease herself she was hit by stone and was taken to infirmary this morning. After Prep today, we came to the dormitory to meet our dormitory being attacked. They spoilt all our lights. We don't know what we have done to them and we don't know what they are looking for" - our source disclosed.

It was revealed that the attempt is on the students and their visitors and not the teachers. However, the case has been reported to the Ofoase Ayirebi police command for further investigation.

The security man of the school appears to be an old man and unable to stand the town boys.

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