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Reason why Nana Addo will not close schools even though students have tested positive

The emergence of the novel virus has affected almost every country in the world and the havoc it has created in our health sectors and in the economy of the world cannot be underestimated, just recently the world health organization reported that the virus is an airborne disease and therefore the wearing of nose mask should be compulsory in our daily lives to ensure that we are preventing the disease from causing more havoc in the world. A BIOTECH INC. has addressed the public that they are working very hard to come out with a vaccine in December and we are hopeful their statement will come to pass so that we can drastically fight against the novel virus.

As of today, the virus has affected fourteen million, two hundred and sixty-three thousand, two hundred and two people in the world and six hundred and two thousand, two hundred and forty-four people have died out of it in the world. America alone is now on the average of recording four thousand people in one state and these figures are likely going to increase the number to fifteen million people if drastic measures are not taken quickly.

On December 31st, 2019 the world health organization China office heard the first reports of a previously-unknown virus behind a number of pneumonia cases in Wuhan, a city in Eastern China with a population of over 11 million. What started as an epidemic mainly limited to China has now become a truly global pandemic. There have now been over 14,244,603 confirmed cases and 602,244 deaths, according to the John Hopkins University Covid-19 dashboard, which collates information from national and international health authorities. The disease has been detected in more than 200 countries and territories, with the US, Brazil, and Russia experiencing the most widespread outbreaks, followed by the UK, Spain, and Italy. In the UK, there have been 365,227 confirmed cases and 47,048 deaths as of May 26. The true number of infections and deaths is likely to be considerably higher.

Ghana also recorded its first case in March when two people returned from trips abroad – one from Norway and the other one from turkey since then the number has escalated to 27,667 reported cases, and out of these numbers, more than 23,000 patients have recovered. Ghana eased the restrictions on public schools and allowed it, final year students, to return to school and write their final exams, since then some of the students in some schools have tested positive and that has become a national debate on our radio stations and television stations as to why the president allowed the students to return to schools knowing very well that the novel virus is still in the country and the students can stand a higher risk of getting the virus, but on angel FM this morning the minister for information Kojo opposing Nkrumah stated that Ghana’s active case is now at 4,270 and therefore 23,249 people have recovered so Ghana is responding very well to the treatment and that if we are able to reduce the number of people being affected on the daily basis and work on the 4,270 active cases for them to recover then all students in the country will resumes school by late October. The minister also cautioned the general public to adhere to the safety measures so that we can reduce the number of people who are getting affected on the daily basis and by so doing our students can all resume schools and live will be normal. THANKS FOR READING PLEASE FOLLOW THIS ACCOUNT.

Content created and supplied by: Obedkrampah (via Opera News )

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