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Ban Preaching and Hawking in Public Transports, Tema Metropolitan Director of NCCE.

With growing concerns on the spread of the virus which has over 21 million cases worldwide and more than 730,000 fatalities on mind; the Tema Metropolitan Director of the National Communication for Civic Education has condemned preaching and selling of goods in Public Transports.

According to him, preachers do not adhere to social distancing and other coronavirus protocols and are likely to expose and transmit the virus to the innocent passengers should they have the virus.

Mr Isaac Kwame Antwi, the Tema Metropolitan Director of the NCCE, has therefore called on the drivers to decline permission to the preachers and whoever wants to sell in cars.

He made these comments during an interview with the Ghanaian Times, urging all driver unions to collaborate to end this threat as the virus still pose danger to all who don't adhere to measures.

In an attempt to defend his calls, Mr Isaac Antwi said preachers usually don't wear facemask and therefore spitum from their mouths could travel to infect passengers should they have the virus.

He also made known the virus still lingers and therefore people should take necessary precautions to avoid catching the dreadful disease.

It will be recalled that in march , one Chinese man infected about 13 people in a bus when he landed.

In a bus, germs could jump as far as 4.5 metres to other passengers or travellers according to scientists.

With the man's case, scientists discovered the virus lingered in the air for more than 30 minutes when the man got off.

People who wore masks were not infected according to the studies and also the virus stayed on the surface for days and was very potent during hot times.

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