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Funny COVID-19 Moments. The 4th one will make you laugh out loud

Are you staying safe?

Happiness is a feeling of cheerfulness. It is a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction as defined by the Oxford Dictionary. Happiness isn't sold on the market neither can it be bought. No one can make you happy except yourself, therefore, you must find ways of making yourself happy even in the midst of abnormal moments.

Since the inception of COVID-19, life hasn't been normal. The whole world is living in abnormal times since the pandemic has taken over every aspect of human life being it business, sports, religion, etc. The majority have lost their hard-earned jobs while almost everybody is under restriction. New ways of life have been adopted; nose mask must be worn at all endeavours, families cannot come together, hand washing and sanitizing here and there. Amid all the brutalities COVID-19 has rained on citizens, some have found ways to ease the fear and anxiety associated with the fatal disease.

In this article, I present to you some funny COVID-19 moments that will alleviate your panicking.

And do you think these styles of protecting oneself is good enough to avoid getting infected with the deadly virus? Leave your suggestion in the comment box.



Stay home, stay safe. This is the surest way to avoid coming into contact with a person infected with the coronavirus.


One of the surest ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is the wearing of nose mask. Put on your nose mask anytime you go outside your home environment.




Avoid going to public places such as the market, social gatherings, etc when you have nothing relevant to do there. Observe the social distancing protocol anytime you get to a crowded place.




Wash your hands properly with soap and under running water.





Sanitize your hands anytime you go to a place where handwashing is far beyond reach.

I hope you enjoyed watching these pictures. Which of them is your favourite? And which of them isn't good enough to avoid getting infected?

Lets all support in one way or the other to minimize the spread of the pandemic.

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COVID-19 Oxford Dictionary


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