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Lessons to GES and Govt as Isreal closed schools again after more studen/teachers contract Covid-19

As the local Akan adage goes "if you see someone's bear on fire, you fetch water by your own. The GES and government on the road to reopen Schools amid the incresing numbers of the Covid-19 cases in Ghana has become a major issue of concern.

There were earlier reactions from the National Council for Parents Teacher Association (NCPTA) for government not the be in a hurry to reopen schools because evidence from the Ghana Health Service did not suggest a nosedive in the cases of Covid-19 in the country.

However, the President of the Republic of Ghana in his 10th address to the nation eased the restrictions which permit final year SHS 3, JHS 3, Gold tract form 2 and University final years to resume Schools.

The Mininster of Education, outlined various measures and protocols to ensure the safety of the teachers and students when school resume but the real test begins when the schools finally re-open.

A recent development from Isreal indicated that the Isreal schools has been shut down again after Schools resume because the Teachers and pupils have contracted the Covid-19.

According to the report, "three weeks after Isreal reopened the doors to it's schools, more and more are closing again amid the rise in Coronavirus cases among pupils and Teachers".

In a statement from the Isreal Education Ministry, 347 pupils and Teachers tested positive for the virus and therefore 127 schools did not reopen in Isreal beginning of the week work" the Report siad.

The Report further stated that the number of pupils and staff in home quarantine grew from 16,000 to 17500 in 12 hours.

One will ask what clues can the Ghana Education Service and government can take from the unfortunate situation I Isreal just three weeks after school re-open.

Does the government and Ghana Education Service strengthen thier safety protocols or wait for sometime and study the disease for some time before resuming Schools?

The deputy vice president of IMANI Africa Mr Bright Simmons challenged the GES and Government to publish models that will serve as guidelines to re-open of schools. He added that other countries that resume Schools back thier reopening with written models and with that the citizenry can hold them responsible. Bit the lip service politicians provide in Africa does not allow transparency and accountability.

Whiles we learn to leave with the new normal', the Covid-19, there is a lot to be learn as we all apply the various safety protocols.

One is not predicting any doom when school re-open but are we really prepared for the challenges ahead?

Will the countries community spread of the virus on the increase, how and what can Ghana do to prevent the occurrence of the situation I Israel.

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