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Teacher Test Positive for Coronavirus at Anlo Afiadenyigba Senior High School in V/R.

On Monday 20th July 2020, a teacher ( name withheld) at Anlo Afiadenyigba Senior High School in the Volta Region of Ghana who reportedly fell sick for sometime has tested positive for the novel coronavirus


This has raised the cases of the Novel coronavirus in Senior High Schools up in Ghana and has continued to scare Ghanaian senior high school students who are currently in SHS 3 and their parents. 

On a firsthand interview with a staff member by the writer of this news article (name withheld), he pinned point how the teacher has always been coming to the staff common room like most of them since school reopened and how he had been in contact with almost every teacher and his student he was teaching. He identified that the positive test result has given them a major scare in the school and he has isolated from his family in order to prevent any contamination to his wife and children. He also elaborated that two student having signs and symptoms like those of the confirmed teacher have also been tested but reports are yet to come in.

Taking an interview with a student also revealed that students are very scared for their lives and probably will have left if the Wassce examination have not started already.

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Anlo Afiadenyigba Coronavirus Volta


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