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How My Anger Landed Me in Prison But I didn't loose Hope.

I once visited Kumasi Central Prisons and saw this huge man, a well built man, a very handsome man. When I saw him, I thought he was the Prison's warden. I quickly went to him to ask him some questions. It was there that I realised he was also a prisoner. I was awowed to the core. In my mind I expected Prisoners to be hard core criminals whose face looked wretched and wanting to die. But this man just gave me the surprise of my life.

At this time, I was interested to know how and why he came to Prison. He took a high deep breath, his voice began to quiver but gathered courage to speak with me. He said, I hit my wife, I hit her hard. She fell down and that was the end. I had just returned from the UK and my home was messed up. I just couldn't control my incessant spleens. I was jailed 20 years and I have served 18 years of my term. I am just waiting to go home finally, he said while wiping his teary face. I was also teary and sad.

He continued, when I was handed the jail term I thought of killing myself. Just some seconds of ire and my life had been wrecked forever. But I did something when I came here. I respected my wardens. I encouraged my fellow inmates. I preached to them. I am the 'Chaplain' of our Prison's Church.

My adversity has turned into a blesing. I am an elevated person here, he gave me that resounding grin!. Though I am Prisoner, I can bow out with pride as I know the life I have impacted with my 18 years in this place.I thanked him and promised to visit later.

As I headed back home, my mind was filled with lessons that would later on impact my life. Now, 

1. I am cautious of my actions when I am angry. I keep quiet when angry. I take a deep breath when angry and I run away from my angry danger zones.

2. You are never too disadvantaged to make an impact in people's life. When pressed with adversity, choose to make blessings come out from it. Joseph was at Prison. He made an impact and by next count of time, he was a Prime Minister. Begin to make an impact!

3. Do not make hasty conclusions on the people you see based on their appearance. Appearance can be deceptive. Learn to hear the history behind people's story before you judge them. 

May God help us all.

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