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Kumasi has done it again: Sad revelations of why girl was buried with Voltic bottles

Kumasi has done it again:Sad Revelation Of Why Girl Was Buried Together With Voltic Bottles


Kumasi has done it again: Sad revelations of why girl was buried with Voltic bottles

Whenever you try to do good for someone and it backfires, the person can tend to hate you for the rest of your life. In our everyday actions, we try to help people but unfortunately, not everyone wish us well. 

The story begins with a girl with the name Adwoa Anima Afriyie born in an honorable family with the parents identified as Mr. Afriyie and Mrs. Rebecca Afriyie. The couple is actually from Asokore Mampong but moved to Kumasi Berma and have resided there for 26 years. 

Their daughter, Adwoa Afiriyie was an excellent student who completed by high school at Afia Kobi Senior High School. She later furthured her education at the renowed KNUST where she offered medicine. Her dad has been to moon and back to make sure she lived a comfortable life since she was the only child. She graduated just three weeks ago. 

Few weeks ago, a neighbor whose name has been retain for some reasons went to thier door to beg for assistance. She reported that her mother was seriously sick and she needed medical care. She pleaded with Mr. Afriyie to allow Adwo to help her mother. Adwoa accepted out of generosity. She did all she could and could barely save her because the first aid kits she had weren't enough. She tried her best to get the woman to her feet. She adviced the neighbor to take her mother to the hospital, unfortunately the woman gave up the ghost on the way to the hospital. 

Upon return, as ungrateful as human can be, the neighbor blamed Adwoa for the death of her mother. Other neighbors around didn't agree to her because her acclaimations were deemed to be rubbish and ungrateful. All was left to pass. 

Adwoa on July 20th complained of having a headache, she became seriously sick. She unfortuately died surprisingly with a whitish substance coming out her mouth. She was tested at the hospital and the autopsy revealed that she was clearly in a good condition with no casualties. Her father got so angry, he felt that this wasn't natural and confronted a fetish priest. The fetish priest in terms revealed that her death indeed wasn't natural but was spiritually invoked. He blessed the voltaic bottle water which was then used in the burial to wipe any hands that was involved in the planning of her murder. 

See pictures of the burial:

The world can be cruel, know the people around you. Stay safe and stay away from trouble. But the only true way is to make peace with God and he will not disappoint you. 

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