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Trending: Innocent Barber Beaten Mercilessly By Policeman Over False Allegation

By Phelan Adams

Denis Arthur, a 25 year old barber at Kasoa, has received the beatings of his life yesterday by a neighbour policeman over a false allegation.

Denis Arthur beaten by policeman 

According to Denis, the policeman’s daughter borrowed his mp3 player from him in the early hours of yesterday and upon returning it to him at his barbering shop around 3pm, the policeman suspiciously followed her daughter and threatened to deal with Denis if he doesn’t stay off his daughter.

Denis and the policeman’s daughter together tried to make the security agent understand that there was no romantic relationship between them, but the angry policeman walked away without giving them a hearing.

Denis Arthur beaten by policeman

Denis further explained that, the policeman around 11pm yesterday invaded his room and started assaulting him.

That not withstanding, re security agent took him to the police station where he received severe beatings and all sorts of physical abuse.

As at now, Denis is in ill health as he has cuts and swells all over his body from the trauma he went through by the policeman.

The matter has officially been reported to the Kasoa Police Command pending feedback.

So should our security agents treat us this way even if we are at faults?


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