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Remember The Baby Stolen inside The Church during Church Service? See What is Happening to Her now

There is nothing too much for God to do in his creation, yesterday was a sad time for Mr Sikanyika's family because they have lost their beloved three month old baby girl.

But no Natalia was found as God should have it. This morning, Kalemba's official Facebook page announced that the missing baby has now reunited with her family

According to sources, the child was stolen by an unknown lady who, at the Seventh Days Adventist Church Tazara in Nakonde Zambia, was reported to have been fair in complexion and had a grey blouse in her church service for the first time.

After the incident, the father and sister wanted to check for the baby extensively, they looked for the entire church and went down to the chivanya village.

Fortunately, they saw a lady with a man, they bottled a baby and they decided to stop and take the baby. The lady tried to run away out of fear, but the man with whom she was stopped. The man told her that she was Little Natalia's mother.

When Mr. Sikanyika approached the baby and begged her to search his feed face, the man allowed him to do so, and luckily it was tiny Natalia, and the man took his baby away.

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